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Implications of Software + Services Consumption for Enterprise IT

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Implications of Software + Services Consumption for Enterprise IT – The Architecture Journal

"Summary: Many articles in this issue use the term Software + Services (S+S) when referring to client (desktop, browser and device) and server based applications which consume one or more Internet (cloud) services. While this model shares some characteristics with Software as a Service (SaaS) the differences are significant for Enterprise IT.

This paper contrasts the challenges of adopting S+S versus SaaS; it will become clear that consumption of a well-defined external service is less challenging for enterprises than the consumption of a finished service.

Today, the majority of applications delivered as a service over the Internet (that is, SaaS) are aimed at the consumer and small business markets. The business monetization model used, whether subscription- or advertising-funded, is largely that of the Long Tail; selling a little of something to many, many customers through a scalable distribution channel, as described by Chris Anderson (see Resources).

However, enterprise demands are significantly different from the demands of these consumer and small business segments, so certain assumptions supporting Long Tail economics and service delivery (and consumption) just do not apply in an enterprise context. For example, consumers don’t have to worry about compliance and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and all that is implied by it is largely irrelevant to small businesses.

Thus considering software services from an enterprise perspective raises a number of questions. Who owns the data? What is the Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Can internal identities be extended outside the firewall to access cloud services? Are there regulatory implications? !"


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Full set of PDC 2008 Session WMV Recordings available online

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You can now download a full set of all the Sessions Recordings in WMV format from PDC 2008 at the link below.
"PDC 2008 Architect Edition– Framework Design, Architecting for Scalability, Cloud Computing Challenges, Concurrency and Parallelism, High Performance Computing… Watch the most relevant online content for software architects revealed during PDC 2008"
 Slides to download from some presentations available on my skydrive.

The New World of Software+Services – Pascal Walschots Blog

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A picture says a thousand words – SoftwareServices in Pictures

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I am working on some diagrams to include in some of my documents/ Presentations. Comments/ feebback welcomed.
These will be available in Gallery of my Live Space and .pptx files available in my skydrive, embedded link below.

Biztalk Server 2009

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Biztalk Roadmap:

Microsoft announced BizTalk Server 2009 today, and gave the green light to talking about the new version.    It’s due for release in the first half of next year, and is shaping up nicely. Microsoft is casting BizTalk Server 2009 as a major new version in its own right, rather than just an updated ‘release’ of BizTalk Server 2006. There is certainly enough in BizTalk Server 2009 to warrant thinking of it as a major revision of the product, although it retains the same familiar functionality and tooling in use since 2006 (or even 2004).

BizTalk Services is now also officially called ‘.NET Services’ and becomes part of the Azure Services Platform.


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TechNet Presents: MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture Session 9 – SharePoint as the Strategic Platform for the Enterprise

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Powerpoint Presentation Slides from the Event are available to download at link below

Event Description

Audience: IT Professionals, Technology Decision Makers

This session in the “MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture” series will give an MCS perspective on how SharePoint can be exploited as a collaboration-application platform to drive change and improve information-worker productivity within an enterprise. We will begin with an overview of the SharePoint 2007 platform as a whole, before moving to look as certain areas – including Collaboration, and Business Process Management – and show how these can be established on such a shared services architecture, enabling an enterprise to delegate control to users whilst providing global benefits such as enterprise-wide search and user-directory visibility while at the same time ensuring best practice and proper governance. We will look at how SharePoint’s architecture can flex – scale out, scale up – to meet your business’ requirements – and show how you can exploit such a broad platform without losing control of it in the process.

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