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Continuous Backups for Exchange with Data Protector Manager 2007

January 11, 2009
A good overview can be found in this 4 part article …
Here are some immediate benefits of using DPM:
  • Microsoft designed DPM 2007 to provide the best backup and most reliable restore for Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • DPM 2007 does not require specialized skills as a “Backup Administrator”.
  • Support for Exchange Server clusters:
    – DPM 2007 is aware of the physical nodes and the virtual servers running within it. When Microsoft Cluster Services changes the Exchange Server instance to a different clustered-node, DPM 2007 will continue to protect the virtual Exchange server without administrator intervention.
    – DPM is LCR (Local Continuous Replication) aware and protects the active database.
    – DPM is CCR (Clustered Continuous Replication) aware and enables “Preferred Node Backup”, allowing the active node, the passive node or a particular geographically desirable node to be protected.
    – Designed for Exchange 2007 SCR (Standby Continuous Replication) with Exchange Service Pack 1.
  • DPM 2007 protects a storage group, but can restore a storage group, a database, or a single mailbox.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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