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Cloudy Workflows

January 19, 2009
Some useful Blog posts I have recently found….

…We’re thrilled to announce that the BizTalk Services “R12” Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available for general use.

BizTalk Services” is the code-name for a platform-in-the-cloud offering from Microsoft.  Currently in active development, BizTalk Services provides Messaging, Workflow, and Identity functionality to enable disparate applications to connect quickly and easily.
Combined together in an integrated offering, these capabilities deliver a Service Bus architectural pattern that is immediately usable by applications that need to connect across the Internet. 

Many enterprises employ the ‘Enterprise Service Bus’ pattern to interconnect disparate systems within an organizational domain. Built on Microsoft platform technology, an ESB might include building blocks such as Windows Server, Active Directory, BizTalk Server, as well as the Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation technologies included in the .NET Framework.  “BizTalk Services” extends the concept of an ESB to truly exploit the Internet, for instance by exposing individual service endpoints in a secure fashion or by selectively federating elements of distinct identity systems to facilitate cross-company collaboration.
For ISVs and Solution Providers creating specialized business solutions that enable collaboration and information exchange across increasingly mobile and distributed work-forces, “BizTalk Services” provides the cloud-based platform building blocks to create sophisticated (Internet-) Service Bus solutions with broad reach that could otherwise only be realized by operating dedicated Data Centers of significant complexity – which is often out of reach for both, ISVs and their customers.

Software in the cloud: Cloud Workflow – a look at the new "Workflow in the cloud" functionality offered in the July drop of the BizTalk Services
Software in the cloud: The Relay Service –  How software solutions may look in the future if they were to leverage cloud based services such as SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) and BizTalk Services (Cloud Workflow, Identity and Connectivity).
Cloud Services – Windows Workflows
BizTalk Services != BizTalk.  BizTalk isn’t used in the cloud or the client – it’s just a branding thing.
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