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Thinking that Sharepoint is only for document management

January 23, 2009
SharePoint is more than just a document management system; it’s a user environment, a file system manager, a database abstractor, a task manager, and a relational database. In short, it is a multifaceted application whose primary task is to make data access transparent to the user.
A SharePoint user sees the environment as an application that puts everything at their fingertips. The user opens a web browser and suddenly has access to an Access spreadsheet, a Word document, an email message, an updated task list, or data from a custom LOB app via a SQL/ Oracle database or information from a CRM app.
Below are some companies using MOSS 2007 to build their Internet Presence websites and no longer just for their intranets, portals, document libraries and collaborative teamspaces.
You can tell a MOSS served website as it has /Pages/ in the URL.
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