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‘Live’ News

January 27, 2009
 Some recent posts below from the ZD Microsoft News Blogs….
A lot of people have been tracking this development because it seems to herald Microsoft’s burgeoning seriousness about offering versions of its core products as hosted online services.  The feeling being that if Microsoft puts its considerable muscle behind online business software, they just might be able to dominate this space as well.  But of course, the biggest news about Office Live is that it isn’t a port of its famed productivity suite to the online world.
Is it a platform or another series of fairly generic corporate standalone products?  Is Microsoft going to go the Salesforce route and offer up the individual features of Office Live for integration and incorporation into other applications?  The platform route makes sense if it has features that are of strategic competitive value and are best of breed, or close to it.  Because if you have a genuinely better online product, folks will beat a path to your door to build on top of you.  Look at the growing number of search engines based on top of Google’s for example. Read more

One of the bits of news buried amid the Microsoft earnings and layoffs news is an organizational change involving Windows Live and Office Live. Microsoft is merging its Windows Live and Office live properties as part of its next “Wave 4″ release. Read more.

Office Live is a group of consumer- and small-business-focused services that are designed as adjuncts to Office. Products that currently fit under the “Office Live” label include Office Live Workspace, Office Live Small Business and Office Live Groove. Windows Live is a set of consumer-focused software and services that provide mail, instant messaging, blogging and various social-networking functionality.
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