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Exchange 14 Breaks Cover

February 6, 2009
If you’ve not allready seen the Exchange 14 (Exchange 2010) video from the MS product team, here its is.
You can also read about it on the MS Exchange Team Blog … http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2009/01/13/450397.aspx
"This announcement is a big step forward for Microsoft’s Software Plus Services (S+S) strategy. It’s one thing to offer a single product in both hosted and on-premises versions; Microsoft, IBM, Zimbra, and other messaging and collaboration vendors have done this for a good while. You might call that approach "software or services" because there’s generally no migration path and fairly limited interoperability between software and service-based offerings. Having E14 (and, presumably, other future offerings from Microsoft—hosted SQL Server, anyone?) available in an S+S model offers the potential of a great deal more flexibility"
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