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Microsoft to target ‘Outlook Live’ (SkyLine) phone service at small-biz users

February 19, 2009
"It looks like Microsoft is going to brand its “Skyline” e-mail sync service with the “Outlook Live” name….
Outlook Live (Skyline) is aimed primarily at small-business customers who don’t have managed e-mail solutions in place, but who are interested in consolidating their home and work e-mail accounts…
  • Outlook Live will be able to push e-mail, contacts and calendar items for both personal and work accounts
  • Microsoft will position Outlook Live as a competitor to RIM’s Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), among others
  • Outlook Live will allow users access to photos and other e-mail attachments and will be positioned as enabling users to view and edit Office documents
  • Outlook Live information will be accessible via PC, Web and phones, and will be viewable in an Office Live Web portal (viewable in IE and Firefox)
  • Outlook Live will enable remote wiping of phones, providing users with lost/stolen phones a way of protecting their information and quickly setting up a new phone with their contacts/data
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