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Cloud Confusion

February 27, 2009

A survey released by hosting specialist Rackspace has revealed that businesses are in danger of missing out on the cloud revolution because they don’t understand the concept….

Cloud conundrum causes confusion

"…Organisations’ varied responses when asked to define ‘cloud hosting’ highlights the misunderstanding. The findings show that more than half of UK (57 per cent) businesses are unaware of the term. Most UK businesses (43 per cent) defined it as ‘remote and multiple servers accessed via the Internet’. UK respondents also believed cloud hosting was ‘applications via the Internet’ (31 per cent), ‘virtualisation’ (14 per cent) and ‘online storage’ (8 per cent). However 27 per cent of UK businesses ‘don’t know how they would use cloud hosting as part of their IT mix’. A third of US businesses (33 per cent) agreed with this statement…"

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