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Cloud Computing..Microsoft Hosting Summit Blog posts

March 25, 2009

First its probably good to clear up what Cloud Computing’ actually is… not that anybody can actually agree on a definition.

From the Tier 1 Research Blog post on Microsoft Hosting Summit 2009

Q: What is Cloud Computing and why is it important for Hosting Providers?

A: Cloud computing is the “new” name for on-demand, fast provisioned hosted services. Its “new” because to most people, the idea of putting computing and storage resources in the cloud is rather novel even though most hosting providers have been involved in these sorts of activities for some time. The biggest changes for hosting providers getting on the cloud bandwagon will be “on-demand” and “fast provisioned”.

Q: What are SMBs and Enterprises asking for?

A: SMBs need their servers to go away and be replaced by services – SaaS, cloud storage, and others. In most cases, they don’t know that yet.
Enterprises need to move from a CapEx to an OpEx based IT organization – they are much more interested in cloud computing.

Taken from…. http://mshostingsummit09.spaces.live.com/

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