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David Chappell on Azure Cloud Platform

March 25, 2009
"Cloud computing is here….Windows Azure applications run in Microsoft data centers and are accessed via the Internet"

David Chappell is back with another whitepaper on the Windows Azure Cloud Platform.
It is entitled ‘Introducing Windows Azure’ Download it here 

"Running applications on machines in an Internet-accessible data center can bring plenty of advantages. Yet wherever they run, applications are built on some kind of platform. For on-premises applications, this platform usually includes an operating system, some way to store data, and perhaps more. Applications running in the cloud need a similar foundation.

The goal of Microsoft’s Windows Azure is to provide this. Part of the larger Azure Services Platform, Windows Azure is a platform for running Windows applications and storing data in the cloud.
As the figure shows, Windows Azure runs on machines in Microsoft data centers. Rather than providing software that Microsoft customers can install and run themselves on their own computers, Windows Azure is a service: Customers use it to run applications and store data on Internet-accessible machines owned by Microsoft. Those applications might provide services to businesses, to consumers, or both.

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