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Who Should use Amazon Cloud EC2 & what is it

April 2, 2009
"…Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2 for short, is a network of Amazon’s server hardware that customers may access as a web service. EC2 geographically distributes the resources needed to serve your application, and it is capable of rapidly bringing new server instances online. Customers only pay for bandwidth and space that they actually use; this, Amazon says, is more cost-effective for customers of in-house or hosted servers.  Amazon’s foray into cloud computing may seem like a blessing for customers and a breakthrough in the web hosting industry.  The technology is certainly impressive.  But for the average small business or personal website, traditional non-cloud web hosting is less time-consuming and more economical…..

EC2 works by creating multiple instances of an Amazon Machine Image – essentially, the files that comprise a web application – from a base copy that resides on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service.  Via API or one of the prebuilt API implementations available from Amazon.com, users may create huge numbers of instances of the original Amazon Machine Image.  Each instance runs on a different server.  These servers are based on multiple locations around the world so that your application does not go down in the event of a natural disaster or other crippling event at a single location.

These features are ideal for high-demand web applications with many thousands of users.  Business-critical applications and high-traffic web sites may find significant cost savings in EC2 because it reduces overhead.  Instead of physically setting up new servers in the company datacenter or coordinating the physical installation of new servers at a remote datacenter, companies signed up for EC2 simply ask an employee to log on and press a few buttons via an API implementation – such as the EC2 extension for Mozilla Firefox. 

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