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New MS TV Channel devoted to Microsoft Virtualisation Technologies

April 3, 2009
virtualboy tv is a tv channel aimed at Microsoft Partners and Customers, devoted to Microsoft Virtualisation Technologies….
Through the use of video overviews, where I’ll be discussing the technologies at an IT Pro level, to actual demo recordings, where I’ll be walking you through installing, configuring, and managing the technologies, virtualboy tv is your one-stop-shop to see Microsoft Virtualisation Technologies first hand.  You’ll even have the chance to learn about how Microsoft Virtualisation Technologies form a platform for software and hardware vendors to build on and interract with

"I’m Matt McSpirit, a Partner Technology Specialist, working at Microsoft in the UK.  My role, as a PTS, involves working closely with our Partners, ensuring they understand the opportunity around the Microsoft Virtualisation platform, yet at the same time, understand how the technologies come together to form solutions, and how they can best position the right solutions for their customers.  virtualboy tv is one way of helping Partners and Customers alike, understand our Virtualisation Technologies, how they fit together, and how to actually get started with them, through installation, configration and management demo videos"


   [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gtIa8qo3k94t%5D

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