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Exchange 2010 re-architected for the Hosting Platform

April 15, 2009
"Changes to Exchange 2010 under the hood make it a natural hosting platform while the 2007 version was not … Before, the hosting platform was an add-on (to Exchange), now it is built into the product,” says Julia White, director of Exchange product management.

But some early testers say moving to a hybrid environment that combines on-premises and hosted mailboxes isn’t as easy as Microsoft might make it sound and although there is good progress users should be cautious.

"To do some of these things they had to do some significant re-architecting of the product,” said one tester who asked not to be identified. “Some might think that is akin to a Version 1 product.” The tester said Microsoft still has to work through some of the kinks, but that none of them are showstoppers.


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