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When is a cloud not a cloud…

August 26, 2009
…When its On-Premises?
‘Private cloud’ = just another buzzword for on-premise datacenter? "…in a nutshell, server + virtualization technology + integrated security/management/billing  = private cloud"
Microsoft to flesh out further its private cloud strategy  "…Microsoft officials previously have said that they won’t allow customers to run the Microsoft Azure cloud operating system on customers’ on-premise servers, but that they will make available to users many of the advances in Windows Server, System Center, Hyper-V and other Microsoft technologies so users can create their own “private clouds.”
Microsoft To Enable Private Clouds With Windows Server, System Center "…Private clouds will take a flexible, scalable, automated approach to data center management, drawing computing power from pools of resources, rather than discrete servers….Microsoft  plans to build features into future versions of Windows Server, as well as a new System Center product, that will help companies deploy and manage private clouds, Microsoft Server and tools division president Bob Muglia said in an interview…"

Microsoft’s “official” description of the distinction between private and public clouds…..

The private cloud: “By employing techniques like virtualization, automated management, and utility-billing models, IT managers can evolve the internal datacenter into a ‘private cloud’ that offers many of the performance, scalability, and cost-saving benefits associated with public clouds. Microsoft provides the foundation for private clouds with infrastructure solutions to match a range of customer sizes, needs and geographies.

The public cloud: “Cloud computing is expanding the traditional web-hosting model to a point where enterprises are able to off-load commodity applications to third-party service providers (hosters) and, in the near future, the Microsoft Azure Services Platform. Using Microsoft infrastructure software and Web-based applications, the public cloud allows companies to move applications between private and public clouds.”

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