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What is an Architect?……

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"Architect – An Engineer who knows what he/she is doing.
If an Archtect says something that appears insane… Its because they are smarter than you"
Michael Lopp aka Rands ( on Definition of an Architect
There is nothing like a good debate Nerd
The Role Of an Architect – Channel 9 Panel Discussion
There are some good articles and topics dicussed in the MS Arch Journal, of what is an Architect and the need for Architects. I like Miha Kralj’s article….
"An important step toward defining IT architecture as a stand-alone profession is a clear definition of knowledge areas of the new discipline…. Systems in IT are becoming more and more complex, so it is no surprise that we are witnessing the rise of a new profession in IT, loosely called IT Architecture. Let’s ignore the name for the moment and focus on the problems this profession tries to solve.
In the structural construction business, architects branched away from civil engineers and construction workers many centuries ago. They were (and still are) groomed, educated, and taught quite different skill sets than their engineering counterparts.

If you would ask a civil engineer what a building is, the definition will focus on thickness of the walls, angle of the roof, sturdiness of beams and type of concrete required for house fundaments. Architects on the other side will describe the house as a wrapper around the living space, nested into the environment that allows the inhabitants to do whatever they intend to do in the house.


How does that translate to IT, where we have borrowed the name and title of architecture? Our modern profession has not had centuries to diversify and evolve naturally. It seems that every high-complexity IT endeavor is now called architecture instead of engineering. In the words of Alan Cooper: "[nowadays] Web designers are called programmers, programmers are called engineers, engineers are called architects, and [true] architects are never called." 

Joe Shirely Blog "… The latest MSDN Architecture Journal has been released with a focus on "The Role of an Architect".  I feel very strongly that being an architect is more than being a great technologist or understanding patterns.  People skills separate the ordinary from the very effective.  Because of that, I submitted a topic and wrote an article that appears this month about architect soft skills…."   The Softer side of the Architect

More Arcticles form the Microsoft Architect Jourmal….


Heres some pictorial representation that I put together of how Architects/Architecture discipline fits… just my opinion, thoughts/ comments welcomed.

By Development I also mean Engineering.

Dilbert on Data Center Convergence……

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