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Microsoft to target SMB users with new ‘BPOS Lite’ cloud service

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"…As part of its next wave of cloud offerings, Microsoft is working on a "BPOS Lite" productivity/collaboration suite that is aimed at small/mid-size businesses (SMBs).…"
".. .BPOS, the Business Productivity Online Suite bundle consisting of Microsoft-hosted Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Live Meeting conferencing and (in the future), Communications Online. Microsoft will sell its $120 per user/peryear BPOS subscription to customers of all sizes. But to date, the far and away biggest audience for BPOS has been large enterprise customers — Energizer, Coca Cola, Hilton Hotels, etc…
…Microsoft also has a Microsoft-hosted offering at the very low end: The Deskless Worker offerings (hosted Exchange/SharePoint with many features turned off). But right now, it doesn’t offer a cloud-hosted productivity-suite/service for SMBs….

…Microsoft is working on such an offering, however, that insiders currently refer to as “BPOS Lite.” Unlike BPOS, which is managed by Microsoft, BPOS Lite sounds as if it will be managed by partners….

…launch a new set of Microsoft Online services to customers and through partners. The first offer –  code-named BPOS “Lite” – is part of the “next wave” of services targeting professional individuals and smaller organizations, offering Microsoft’s best collaboration, communications and productivity services. Acquiring millions of BPOS-Lite customers across channels is core to MBD’s strategy to help achieve scale and compete effectively for services that ‘light up’ Office and extend the power of IW cloud services to our smallest and most numerous customers….

…It is unlikely that Microsoft’s online application offerings (Exchange, SharePoint, Communication Services, Live Conferencing) will be deployed on Azure for some time. Azure is currently geared for lower level Web services rather than for deployment of a full server product such as Exchange or SharePoint. It is possible that the two models will converge as Microsoft’s server products continue to be refactored to work in the cloud (that is, as more modular services) and as Azure offers more ways to host larger applications (such as the upcoming virtual machine roles). I don’t expect to see this kind of convergence for at least 2-3 years…"

Exchange 2010 Deployment strategy for HMC 4.5 hosters

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Dilbert on Projects

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…Sounding Familiar

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