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Upgrade to cloud services‏

March 24, 2010
Taken from recent Microsoft Marketing Email received….

Are you Prepared for Change…
The way people work has changed in recent years. More people are working remotely and flexibly; using video and telephone conferences; and instant messaging. And the amount of information and e-mail has grown immensely. The current economic climate has also forced organisations to cut costs whilst putting more pressure on everyone to be more productive.
Upgrade to the Future…
 Hosted services could be the solution for your budget, and your company’s changing needs. Harness powerful productivity capabilities from the cloud – quickly, easily, and with zero up-front investment.
Microsoft Online Services provides your business with flexible, always up to date, secure IT solutions for existing key IT projects, like email, as well as driving new initiatives that will improve the productivity of your employees, such as business instant messaging or project-focused intranet sites for collaboration and document sharing.
With a subscription-based service you have the ability to be flexible and combine the offerings to create the right solution for your business, utilising existing investments, and adding new cloud services such as document management software. Find out more about Microsoft cloud services
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