Ensim Unify Platform Updates – MPS/MPF RIP!

October 14, 2010

Below is the first of a coupleof posts from me on Updates to Ensim Unify Service Provider Edition Just released….

“…Unify Service Provide Edition 5.0.0 will be available in late Q4 and will introduce MPF replacement component based on WCF. New customers can deploy Unify 5.0.0 without requiring MPF and existing Unify customers can directly upgrade from Unify 4.7.0 to a non-MPF Unify 5.0.0. The new WCF based MPF replacement in Unify 5.0.0 will continue to support multiple CP and PE deployment for redundancy and avoid single point of failure. In addition, new workflow functionality has been added providing even greater flexibility in integrating Unify with other systems and processes and customizing Unify for specific use cases….”

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