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The Cloud and the IT Pro

November 1, 2010 Comments off

“…This bus has already left the station. You can either be under it, or on it…”

Said Acadia CEO on ‘Cloud Computing’ at the opening keynote of IP EXPO 2010.


There is now a new playing field, a changing landscape… the Nature of Competition has changed.

The Cloud is an Industry Transformation and is set to revolutionize (or should that be Evolutuion of ) IT as we know it and the business effectiveness of the organisations that adopt it. The Cloud brings new and industry transforming models business models, it brings new opportunities and responsibilities.

The Cloud is nothing more than another way of doing computing – Mainframe, Client/Server, Cloud. The pendulum in IT swings between centralisation and distributed.

I see the Cloud as allowing customers to do business the way they want to do business, CIOs not constrained by the technology or infrastructure.

I have an idea for a blog post around this and Maslows Hierachy of needs, or in my case, Business hierachy of needs, if you are aware of Maslows, you will know, you cant satisy higher layers until all lower level need have been fullfilled, removing any piece from lower layers brings the rest crashing down, held hostage by a bottom infra layer that creaks and groans as more layers and demands need to be fullfilled… What If business needs/ initiatives were at the bottom, not top? what If there was no dependency between all the layers, a complete abstraction between business needs/ initatives, the infra, platform, apps needed to deliver them….Thinking of calling it my what If… or…Upside Down way of thinking concept, but more of that for another day and post.

Back on track…..Like or loathe the term Cloud, and all those BandWagon Jumpers that dont have a Cloud Solution, Just a legacy app they have SaaS’ified or changed their logo / brand to include something blue and fluffy, and call it a cloud solution whether it is or not… its here to stay.

IMO, the Key to IT moving forward is to deliver IT as a service.
What is the role/ mission of IT? …To Enable the Business to function, Buisness Enablement…. The Buisness to Gain competetive advantage through use of technology….. IT to be removed as a Cost Center and become a Strategic Business asset to facilitate this. IT must be adding real value and being able to deliver Agility to the Business.

As one of my fomer bosses used to say to the Engineering and Product Team I was in “I dont want it now… I want it RIGHT NOW!”

Billy Connelly sum’d it up perfectly in his Business Plan Here, and how the business wanted it yesterday, more today and stay alert as it will all need to be changed tomorow

The IT Pro…Domination to Extinction, where will you be.

There are some great topics surrounding this changing role of the IT Pro that I have eluded to in my earlier Blog post From Servers to Services. The Role for the IT Pro in the Cloud and as an IT Pro the looming question regarding the cloud is “What is the future for my role?”

There is an interesting comment on the David Chappel Article in that post that said “…Some of the comments towards the end were the sort of thing that gives Microsoft (usually unfairly) a bad name. I think the conclusion was that if you are an admin then you can look forward to being out of work in the mid to distant future unless you become a devie or manager, and if you don’t like change then get out of IT etc etc.
How about some information on how admins can GET INVOLVED in the cloud revolution rather than this sort of bleak outlook!!!…”

“… think that Cloud gives IT Pros, admins, etc, the opportunity to get involved with more interesting and higher value activities, such as capacity planning and forecasting, health monitoring, QA, etc, rather than the lower level stuff that is needed just to keep systems up and going…”

I would totally agree on that last point, nobody aspires to changing tapes, patching servers and updates, watching little blue bars in out of hours maint windows. At the same time the first point is very true, IT Pros need to look at not necessarily an Exit Strategy, but how they can themselves move up the stack, add value to the CIO/ CTO and the buisness, trusted advisors and Services and Information Architects to the Enterprise.

But with that said, there is almost a gulf often between an Engineer, the Architect and the Business, a sort of Engineers are from Venus and Architects from Mars. I eluded to this in my blog post….The Architect, The Engineer, and a Hot Air Baloon

Whilst the Cloud seems to be a very much C-Level discussion occuring with the business (interesting video from Event that I was in the audience for What in the Cloud is my CIO Thinking), What does it mean for the IT Pro and his everyday Role and what does it translate to, the impact or consequences of the CIOs discussion with vendors about the Cloud and decision made for the buisness to adopt the Cloud, in whole or in hybrid.

Microsoft have outlined some myths and facts in This Article that below is taken from
Below Source: Microsoft Cloud Articles….

“…Cloud computing represents the next revolution in the way that IT services will be delivered to companies large and small. As an IT professional, you must play a key role as your company make this important transition. This is a career-defining opportunity to add real business value through your strategic and tactical understanding of the cloud’s relationship with organisational goals…

…There are many misconceptions surrounding the cloud and what it has to offer. By becoming more knowledgeable, you can help guide others to a better understanding of the next steps to take to enable your organisation to reap the benefits of cloud computing. It can provide much more than savings, creating a foundation for new competitive advantages in your customer and partner relationships…”


  • Job Security
  • IT Role Changes
  • Job Outlook
  • Data Control
  • Integration
  • Benefactors of the Cloud
  • Cost Saving
  • Cloud Types
  • Private Cloud
  • Getting Started with the Cloud
  • Virtual Machines = Cloud Computing?
  • Security
  • Flexibility

    Read the Full Article of Myths and Facts behind each one of these HERE

  • Annoyances – Unistalling Office 2010 when it won’t Uninstall

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    One of those annoyances when the uninstaller won’t uninstall a product, either because it says files are corrupt or missing, or that there is a pending restart before it can uninstall, but still never uninstalls ..grrrrr

    You can follow the long winded approach of the Technet KB Manual Uninstall Here, however here is a neat article where I found the Answer…

    This Article lead me to this MS Technet Article ….

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    Exchange Insider E-Zine – Volume 5: When Disaster Strikes in Exchange Server 2010

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    E-Zine Overview: “..Exchange administrators must be prepared for anything. And disaster can strike at any time. Exchange Server needs to be properly configured to seamlessly failover without data loss. Volume 5 of the Exchange Insider e-zine looks at how Exchange Server 2010’s database availability groups can ease an administrator’s backup and disaster recovery stress. This issue also takes a deeper dive into how Forefront Protection 2010 can help defend Exchange 2010 servers from spam and malware attacks and details some email archiving and e-discovery best practices to help you meet regulatory requirements—no matter which version of Exchange Server is running in your enterprise….”

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    Exchange Insider E-Zine When Disaster Strikes Exchange Server 2010

    Exchange Insider E-Zine When Disaster Strikes Exchange Server 2010

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    From Servers to Services. The Role for the IT Pro in the Cloud

    November 1, 2010 Comments off

    Technet Blog “…The looming question for IT Pro’s regarding the cloud is “What is the future for my role?” Simply put, no one can say for sure. There are many factors to consider when answering that question. The cloud offerings are not identical, which affects the answer. There will be changes in roles. That’s not unusual for us IT Pro’s, and these changes probably will not be universal across all organizations.

    Read more at…

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    Ray Ozzie…’Dawn of a New Day’

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    Mary J Foley Wrote “…Ray Ozzie may be a lame duck at this point, as he will soon be leaving his Chief Software Architect post at Microsoft. But that hasn’t stopped him from publishing an updated assessment of Microsoft’s strategy and products.

    On October 25, Ozzie posted to his newly minted blog a memo he sent to his staff and direct reports, entitled “Dawn of a New Day.” In it, Ozzie examines what Microsoft has and hasn’t achieved since he joined the company five years ago and penned his “Internet Services Disruption” memo.

    The “Dawn of a New Day” memo makes it clear — at least to me — that Ozzie has concerns about Windows….”

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    Cloud Computing and Microsoft Offerings….Snack-Size Learnings

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    Click to Play…


    Cloud Computing Microsoft offerings - Snacksize Learning

    Dilbert on Social Media

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