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Interview with MS on the Economics of the Cloud WhitePaper

January 11, 2011

Following on from earlier post on Microsofts White Paper: The Economics of the Cloud, below is a link to an Interview with Michael Kogeler, director cloud strategy, Microsoft International.


Here is the link to Download the MS White Paper- The Economics of the Cloud.

These are the questions covered in the Interview…

What do you think are the main points that came out of Microsoft’s recent white paper on the Economics of the Cloud?

What is Microsoft doing to make itself stand out and differentiate its offerings from its competitors in the cloud computing market?

How is Microsoft ensuring that all of its product offerings work in the cloud and integrate with each other?

What would you say the barriers are to running in the cloud?

In terms of bandwidth, how is Microsoft working with governments and other organisations to ensure there is sufficient availability of broadband for cloud computing?

What developments coming up in the next year do you think will affect cloud computing?

What kind of timescale are we looking at for these developments?

How are you working with your partners for cloud computing?

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