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SMBs see Opportunity in the Cloud

January 11, 2011

SMBs stand for Small and Midsize Businesses, and SMBs are seeing the benefits of cloud computing. A Microsoft-sponsored survey entitled, “Cloud Computing as an Engine of Growth” questioned SMBs about the cloud. The survey is highlighted in this InformationWeek post. The numbers from the survey reflect about one third of SMBs polled see the cloud as an opportunity for their IT department to be “more strategic” and SMBs view embracers of the cloud as “innovative.”

SMB Uses Of Cloud Survey

SMB Uses Of Cloud Survey

About 12% of SMBs are “Born in the cloud” which means “the primary capability for their business is through cloud technology as the leading thing that enables them to do it.” There are many other interesting stats about SMBs and the cloud that lean towards a positive perception of cloud computing. This is an exciting time to be a part of cloud computing. SMBs are seeing the value in the cloud and this article helps us better understand why SMBs are leaning towards adopting the cloud….”

Taken from Microsoft Online Services Team Blog:

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