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A Muddled Look at Today’s #Cloud Computing Landscape [Infographic]

March 7, 2011


Today’s cloud computing landscape is as complex as it is to decipher what the term actually means…The cloud is more an evolution than an innovation. It’s an extension of the computer as a metaphor for the transition from the mechanical age to the information age. The computer gives us a space and the cloud is an extension of that space.

Mills’s remarks provide a point of context to an infographic from Wikibon that demonstrates how definitions about cloud computing continue to be muddled.

“Today’s Cloud Computing Landscape,” breaks the cloud into three categories: private/Enterprise Cloud; public cloud and hybrid cloud.
Breaking the cloud landscape into categories gives only a partial context for what the cloud encompasses. For example, VMware is also considered a hybrid cloud provider. IBM could fit into both categories, too. Both are listed only as private cloud providers.

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