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#Hosted #Lync 2010: An opportunity for Service Providers – Implement.com Blog

March 31, 2011

Hosted Lync Server 2010: An opportunity for Service Providers

Today implement.com is attending the Microsoft Hosted Lync Server 2010 Airlift at Microsoft, and thus begins the journey to a complete Hosted UC solution from Microsoft delivered by service provider partners. Not only is this a great opportunity for service providers, but for their customers as well.

The opportunity awaiting Small and Medium sized businesses (SMBs) to more effectively operate by leveraging cloud based messaging, collaboration, and unified communications, while also lowering IT costs, is available with the Microsoft Hosted UC platform that includes Hosted Exchange 2010, Hosted Lync Server 2010, and Hosted SharePoint 2010. These tools deliver better operations by utilizing more effective communication and collaboration tools for employees and customers. Not sure how these tools can deliver on this? Contact implement.com for a full demo that shows the capability to deliver on this promise.

What about the lowering of IT costs? With Hosted Lync Server 2010, an SMB can move off of expensive on-premise telecom equipment. That part is easy. They can also lower costs by going to commodity broadband instead of expensive T1 Voice/Data style telecom services. With Lync in the cloud, the hosting provider takes care of the telecom interconnects, so all the SMB needs is quality broadband. Further, Lync offers complete conference calling support and web conferencing, so you can also move off the very expensive existing solutions. Once an SMB sees and understands the full value proposition, the decision to move to the cloud for Lync, Exchange and SharePoint becomes easy. It’s hard to not to underestimate the value for an SMB, and note, I said value, not “cost savings”, and while lower costs is certainly part of it, getting much better value for the cost is really the goal with this solution.

Also this week, implement.com is a sponsor at the 2011 Microsoft Hosting Summit, and we will be co-presenting with Microsoft on a presentation about Building Microsoft based Messaging and Collaboration Cloud Services, as well as delivering a demo. This participation further confirms our success in achieving our ongoing goals to be a thought leader in the Microsoft based hosted services industry and to exceed customer expectations. Our consulting clients know they are working with the best when confirmed by Microsoft hiring implement.com to help them deliver this capability at their marquee hosting event.


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