#VMware #VSPP3.0 Program Update

April 11, 2011

Information Provided by Insight

VMware has announced some exciting new updates to the VSPP program to respond to ongoing needs of the Hosting community and continue to expand the program offering. Key highlights of the changes are as follows:

 *   New Point value for the vCloud Premier Service Provider Bundle: the current point value of 15 points will be reduced to 7 points per virtual GB of RAM. Additionally, a cap of 24 GB per virtual machine will also be instituted.  This new point value will be effective for VSPP usage from May 1st 2011 onwards.   

 *   The vCloud Standard Service Provider Bundle will be repackaged to include vCenter Chargeback at the same current price of today, 5 points per gigabyte.   Additionally, the legal usage restrictions on vCloud Director in this bundle are being removed.  This change will be effective April 4th 2011.

 *   Version 2 of the cloud usage meter is also being released. This version includes enhancements to improve stability as well as the introduction of a GUI interface.  This new version is available for download effective April 4th 2011 and can be found at http://www.vmware.com/download/download.do?downloadGroup=UMSV2

 *   Zimbra Collaboration Server Business E-mail and Business E-mail plus are also being added to the VSPP portfolio.   These new products will need to be added into Aggregator billing systems.  These products will be available effective May 1st.  

Additionally, the current point value of the Zimbra Collaboration Server Professional edition is being reduced from 1.75 to 1.55 points per mailbox.  This reduction will be effective May 1st.

 *   Reduction in point value for vFabric Hyperic HQ EE product from 49 points per machine to 15.  This reduction will be effective May 1st.

 *   Effective now, when a new Service Provider signs up to a VSPP contract after the 20th day of the calendar month, the Aggregator (Insight) will not be required to bill the Service Provider for a full month minimum commitment until the following month.  Any product usage by the Service Provider between the 20th and the end of the month will need to be reported and paid, but they are not required to meet and pay for the minimum commit.  This flexibility is provided to the Aggregator (Insight) to use at our discretion should a Service Provider request this variance.  If an Aggregator (Insight) does bill the Service Provider for the minimum, the Aggregator (Insight) is still required to submit the minimum to VMware.

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