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#Cisco Data Center #Virtualisation: Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Design Guide #VMWare #IAAS #NetAPP #UCS

May 26, 2011

Goal of This Document:
Cisco®, VMware®, and NetApp® have jointly designed a best-in-breed Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy (ESMT) Architecture and have validated this design in a lab environment. This document describes the design of and the rationale behind the Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Architecture. The design includes many issues that must be addressed prior to deployment as no two environments are alike. This document also discusses the problems that this architecture solves and the four pillars of an Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy environment.

Audience :
The target audience for this document includes, but is not limited to, sales engineers, field consultants, professional services, IT managers, partner engineering, and customers who wish to deploy an Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy (ESMT) environment consisting of best-of-breed products from Cisco, NetApp, and VMware.

This document is intended to articulate the design considerations and validation efforts required to design, deploy, and backup Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy virtual IT-as-a-service.

Foundational Components:
Each implementation of an Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy (ESMT) environment will most likely be different due to the dynamic nature and flexibility provided within the architecture. For this reason this document should be viewed as a reference for designing a customized solution based on specific tenant requirements. The following outlines the foundational components that are required to configure a base Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy environment. Add additional features to these foundational components to build a customized environment designed for specific tenant requirements. It is important to note that this document not only outlines the design considerations around these foundational components, but also includes considerations for the additional features that can be leveraged in customizing an Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy environment.

The Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy foundational components include:

•Cisco Nexus® data center switches
•Cisco Unified Computing System
•Cisco Nexus 1000V Distributed Virtual Switch
•NetApp Data ONTAP®
•VMware vSphere™
•VMware vCenter™ Server
•VMware vShield™

Read the full Reference Architecture Design Guide here

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