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Cloudy with a Chance of….The great #Cloud bait and switch: Agility instead of Cost

May 27, 2011

Read the Full SearchCloudComputing.com arcticle here: The great cloud bait and switch: Agility instead of cost Credit to Carl Brooks

Cloudy with a Chance of ….

The magic bottom-line benefits aren’t the rallying cry anymore….

The good ol’ days of cloud

Remember when “the cloud” was all about dumping those pesky capital investment dollars for slimmer, trimmer opex costs? It was the banner under which rode hosts of cloud providers, startups and independent software vendors. IT shops were supposed to drop everything and flock to the idea of never owning infrastructure again, or turning their crummy old data centers into sparkly new systems without rebuilding everything from scratch….

…As enterprise cloud adoption steadily mounts, for both public cloud services and the private cloud paradigm, it’s becoming clear that vendors are trying to change their tune to better suit their ambitions. The new byword is “agility”; the sell-siders would fain have you forget about that earlier golden calf, “operating expenses (opex) versus capital expenses (capex)….

At Interop last week, there was a two-day Enterprise Cloud Summit that trotted out every cloud computing trope and moldy old straw man from the last three years…except that one. Based on the vendor panels, which these days at least have company names you’ve heard of instead of flavor-of-the-week startups, the magic bottom-line benefits aren’t the rallying cry anymore. And Microsoft, at Interop and again this week at TechEd, put cloud in practically every tag line but accompanied it with “agility, agility, agility.”

“Use Azure to be more agile, use Hyper-V to be more agile,” and so on”

Agility, Agility, Agility

….like all marketing, there’s some truth to the fact that Agility — which we’ll describe as the ability to deliver, change and improve IT services faster than otherwise — is as important to enterprises as the operational efficiency to be gained from running a cloud computing model.

By and large, users I talk to aren’t terribly confused: Cloud computing gives them the ability to do more, with the same amount of budget, than they could before. That’s why it’s popular.

But that’s pure poison to the sales and marketing departments at the likes of IBM, Microsoft, and so on. They’ll end up selling you the same amount of stuff and you’ll do 5 times what you used to, or worse, you’ll buy less stuff…

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