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Free Cert Trainining: #VMware Technical Sales Professional 4 #VTSP4

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You can’t beat a bit of free training 🙂

To achieve this certification you pass the six self-paced online tests, see below. click through for more

VMware Technical Sales Professional 4
Learn how to position and sell VMware products and solutions to your customers, discuss strengths & benefits of key product technical features and guide customers through product evaluations. Get started with the training below:

FREE VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP)

VTSP is FREE presales focused foundational technical training curriculum that provides partners who are new to selling VMware solutions information and presales technical knowledge to help them engage in the technical sales cycle. VTSP will help participants efficiently install and evaluate VMware products in a learning environment before engaging customers, then qualify customers by providing technical requirements, influencers, and best practices.

Explore #VMware #vCloud Architecture ToolKit

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…VMware have assembled a set of documents you may use to better understand both the principles upon which VMware’s cloud strategy is executed, and the actual mechanics of implementing your own cloud infrastructure.

VMware recommends you review these documents in order, starting with what to consider when first developing a Cloud strategy, in Requirements for a Cloud.

The next two Service Definition documents help develop business and functional requirements for either Public or Private cloud architectures—complete with sample use cases.

Linking together the first three documents is the pivotal Architecting a Cloud, which assumes familiarity with at least two of the prior three documents.

Finally, the Example documents illustrate from our direct customer experiences what functioning cloud architectures may look like.

* Requirements for a cloud
* Service Definition for a Public Cloud
* Service Definition for a Private Cloud
* Architecting a Cloud
* Implementation Example for a Public Cloud
* Implementation Example for a Private Cloud

Recommended Reading: #VMware Design #ScottLowe

June 16, 2011 Comments off

Reading this at the moment and highly recommended; does it exactly what it says on the tin… Provides what you need to make the Right Design Decisions.

To design a VMware vSphere implementation for the performance, scalability, and ROI that your business needs, you must understand all the factors that influence the outcome. Written for engineers and architects who plan, deploy, maintain, and optimize vSphere solutions, this unique book helps you make the right design decisions.

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Directions on #Microsoft TeleBriefing: #Office #365 Preview

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…This TeleBriefing provides an overview of Office 365 features and limitations, and highlights migration and management considerations for customers…..

….When Office 365 is released on June 28th, it will combine cloud services including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online subscription licenses with licenses to Office 2010 desktop software and the Office Web Apps. Like the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) that it replaces, Office 365 promises Microsoft collaboration software with a single, predictable, per-user bill and less management and maintenance that the software would require on-premises. However, Office 365 requires organizations to trust Microsoft and their ISPs with critical IT infrastructure and information, and it does not deliver the same features as the software would on-premises..

Windows Server Virtualisation Licensing Calculators

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Useful calculators that have been using for some time….

The Windows Server Virtualization Calculators provide two ways to estimate the number and cost of Windows Server Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and Datacenter Edition licenses needed for your virtualization scenarios to help you determine the most cost-effective edition of Windows Server.

Calculator 1 is designed to estimate the licenses and cost of Windows Server by editions and numerous Microsoft server products on a single, physical server. Calculator 2 is designed to estimate the licenses and cost of only Windows Server by edition for one or multiple physical servers.

Here’s an example….

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Did Microsoft just pull the plug on its TMG secure Web gateway product?

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Mary-Jo Foleys Blog….

Microsoft may be discontinuing its Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) product, according to information from analysts with the Gartner Group.

(I am qualifying this information with the word “may” because Microsoft is declining to provide a clear answer as to what’s going on with its secure Web gateway product.)

Here’s the back story. As noted by Deb Shinder, a blogger with TechRepublic and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Enterprise Security, Gartner omitted Forefront TMG from its May 25 Magic Quadrant report for secure Web gateways. Shinder explained:

“On page 5 (of the Gartner report), you’ll find a statement that is likely to shock and dismay many Microsoft customers, which says that Microsoft has confirmed to Gartner that it is not going to be shipping another full version release of TMG. The report goes on to say that TMG is in sustaining mode and Microsoft doesn’t intend to compete head-to-head with other vendors in that space. The good news is that the usual five year mainstream/five year extended support lifecycle still applies”

…Microsoft has been struggling with its Forefront deliverables and direction for the past couple of years. Microsoft recently announced that it is working on new security and identity products for both the server and cloud while it searches for a new head of its identity team….

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Microsoft to launch Office 365 on June 28

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Microsoft is holding its official launch of its cloud-hosted application suite, known as Office 365, on June 28

…Office 365 is Microsoft’s successor to its Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), Live@Edu and Office Live Small Business products. Microsoft has begun educating its partners and customers about its BPOS-to-office 365 migration strategy. Packaging and pricing of the suite already has been announced.

Office 365 consists of Microsoft-hosted Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online, and also includes for customers who want it, a version of Office Professional Plus that can be installed locally on PCs and paid for per month, on a subscription basis. Office 365 competes head-to-head with Google Apps, and a handful of similar services….

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