Explore #VMware #vCloud Architecture ToolKit

June 17, 2011


…VMware have assembled a set of documents you may use to better understand both the principles upon which VMware’s cloud strategy is executed, and the actual mechanics of implementing your own cloud infrastructure.

VMware recommends you review these documents in order, starting with what to consider when first developing a Cloud strategy, in Requirements for a Cloud.

The next two Service Definition documents help develop business and functional requirements for either Public or Private cloud architectures—complete with sample use cases.

Linking together the first three documents is the pivotal Architecting a Cloud, which assumes familiarity with at least two of the prior three documents.

Finally, the Example documents illustrate from our direct customer experiences what functioning cloud architectures may look like.

* Requirements for a cloud
* Service Definition for a Public Cloud
* Service Definition for a Private Cloud
* Architecting a Cloud
* Implementation Example for a Public Cloud
* Implementation Example for a Private Cloud

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