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Important Microsoft #SPLA Updates for #Hosters – Oustsourcer SKU removed

July 8, 2011

Some updates to the SPLA as of 1st July that are worthy of a Blog…

* Launch of License Mobility through SA extension to SPLA

* Changes to SPUR and SPLA Price List – The Windows Server Outsourcing definition and corresponding SKUs will be removed from the SPUR and the SPLA Price List.

IMO the Outsourcer aspect is the most welcome change as the Introduction of the whole ‘Outsourcer’ thing just made the whole Authenticated vs Anoymous PL debarcle even more confusing than it already needed to be.

I am not sure who is responsible for pushing through this change (something Hosters/ MSP’s have been waiting too long for) but on behalf of all those that have to work out the licensing requirements for hosting solutions and Manage SPLA and submit SPLA consumption reports then a BIG Thankyou!!!!!!

BTW, The July 2011 SPUR (Service Provider Use Rights) is not released yet (Price lists available through SPLA Resellers) but I will blog it when released.

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