#Hosting Exchange in a Post #HMC world #Hosters

August 9, 2011

Development of Hosting of MS products such as Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync (OCS) post an HMC platform is a topic I am looking into at the moment and will blog about more over the coming months.

I came across a tweet from Henrik Walter pointing to his blog which in turn pointed to this Technet Blog entitled…. So you want to Host Exchange

….At this point, you’re probably asking “hasn’t Microsoft said that /hosting mode is the only way to go for service providers?”
Well, yes, that has been our guidance. However, recognizing and listening to your feedback, we have started to adjust our perspective and began to articulate this at the Hosting Summit held in March. We’ll continue to do so in the coming months leading up to the release of Exchange Server 2010 SP2.

You might also be wondering how to deploy without using /hosting mode given that our published guidance is for /hosting mode. The best approach to do this today is to use a hosting automation solution, or to engage the services of a System Integrator with depth in the hosting industry (such as Implement.com). Following this approach both speeds your time to market, and offers you the confidence of a product already tested and proven in the marketplace. Check out these hosting automation solutions from the partners we work closely with:

•Parallels Automation Microsoft Exchange Service Module
•Ensim Unify Service Provider Edition
•Cortex control panel from Citrix for delivering hosted Exchange
•Extend ASP for hosting Exchange

We will also provide more guidance in due course. Stay tuned!

So, /hosting mode or standard enterprise deployment – it comes down to the needs of your customers and the market you’re trying to serve.

As a side note our HMC uses Ensim Unify and worked closley with Implement.com as our SI on various HMC aspects.

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