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A guide to #Hyper-V features for the #VMware administrator @ConcentratdGreg

August 12, 2011

Time flys when your having fun,and then you have to play catch-up with stuff that you havent touched in a while. I realised it must be about a year probably since I last touched Hyper-V, and back then I was doing lots of stuff with the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters .

A new poc project has come up for Virtualising Lync, so thought it was time to dust off the Hyper-V books (though most were last gen Hyper-V, so need to scour amazon for somemore) and swap out my VCP hat for a Hyper-V one for a bit.

Here’s a useful post I found for all those that have spent too long over @ the darkside and now need to re-allign themselves with MS Virtualisation terminology.

Credit for this link go to Chris Shields

A guide to #Hyper-V features for the #VMware administrator

If you’re a VMware administrator trying to understand Microsoft Hyper-V, you should start by learning some important Hyper-V management terminology.

Many Hyper-V features have VMware equivalents, making it easier for admins to augment their vSphere infrastructures with Microsoft’s virtualization platform. The following terms are Hyper-V features that VMware admins should get familiar with before deploying Hyper-V.


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