#VDI is like high school sex #Citrix

August 23, 2011

Courtesy of the legendary Brian Madden….

Everyone’s talking about it and it seems like everyone is doing it… well, at least it seems like everyone else is doing it. A lot of people are saying they’re doing it. Although to be honest, you have to wonder if they’re really doing it or if they’re just saying they’re doing it. (Or maybe everyone else is just assuming they’re doing it? I dunno.. they just seem so cool. How can they not be doing it?? They have to be!)

Of course the ones who are doing it aren’t even sure if they’re doing it right. It seems awkward to them. All they can say is, “well, this is supposed to be really great, so I guess we’ll keep doing it. Maybe it will get better?”

Those who aren’t doing it have been getting ready to do it for a long time. And they’re so excited that frankly if an opportunity comes along to do it–even if it’s not the “right” or “perfect” opportunity–they’re probably going to just do it do get it over with. I mean the first one is just throwaway practice anyway, right? The next one will be perfect!

Of course years later we’ll all look back and laugh. Some of us won’t believe how wrong we were doing it. Some won’t believe that we thought we were doing it when we weren’t. All will agree that it got better.

But what did we know. We were just getting started. It was all new and exciting.

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