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# Skype, the Missing #Lync for #SMB Unified Comms #UC

August 25, 2011


 “…Lync, in some sense with Skype is a strategy that will allow the consumerization of IT to really proceed with full vim and vigor…”


Bet on SMB Positioning for Lync

I’m betting the Skype-Lync integration will create a composite app that gives Lync functionality to the SMB level of business.

Lync’s highest adoption rate came from enterprises. They (for the most part) know what it can do.

But smaller businesses?

The SMB market is more familiar with Skype, not Lync. But there’s functionality they could use that Skype doesn’t have – UC connectivity with Office apps, for one.

I could be off. Heck, I could be restating an obvious development. But it still strikes me as a good bet to make. A blended Lync-Skype application would bring Lync capabilities to the small-business and mid-market business spheres.

Plus, it would make “Lync in the Cloud” easier to adopt…

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