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#SPLA VL COMM – SPLA January 2012 Price Changes #Hosters #Hosting #Service Providers

October 17, 2011

SPLA January 2012 Price Changes

As previously announced, as part of the overall price rationalization efforts for the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) business, some SPLA prices are changing in January 2012 to better align SPLA pricing with On-Premises subscription pricing and the overall market. In addition, some SPLA Academic prices are changing to better align with On-Premises Academic subscription pricing.

The initial SPLA price changes occurred in January 2011 and May 2011. Most price points decreased for SPLA. SPLA pricing for some products will not change.

This is the last of three planned price changes and is effective January 2012. For a complete list of the SKUs affected by the price change, see the January 2012 pricelist, which will be available from your reseller or from the Microsoft website in December 2011.

Partner Value Proposition:
As part of our continued evaluation and improvement of the SPLA program, Microsoft is moving toward a standard formula for SPLA pricing.

These changes will result in better alignment across all Volume Licensing programs.

These changes will improve the competitiveness of the product offerings in SPLA.

The final of three planned SPLA price changes goes into effect in January 2012

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