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#Lync #Mediation Server – To Collocate or not to Collocate – That is the Question

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Good post on this topic from Elan Shudnow

Lync 2010 Collocated Mediation Server vs. Dedicated Mediation Server

One of the new capabilities in Microsoft Lync 2010 is the ability to collocate your Mediation Server onto the Front End Server(s). There are few situations to be cognizant about in regards to collocation of the Mediation Server.

1. Amount of Media Bypass calls vs. non-Media Bypass calls. For information on what Media Bypass is, refer to my article on Media Bypass here.

2. Dedicated Audio/Video Server(s) or Collocated Audio/Video Servers.

3. Utilizing Direct SIP vs. SIP Trunking vs. Voice Gateway.

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Perfect Storm Behind The #Cloud

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“…Technology is only part of the reason why the cloud is taking off. Ed Hoppitt, global principal architect in BT, described the circumstances that have made it happen as a “perfect storm”, with the recession playing a big part…As a managed services provider the big change is that you are managing the person, not the desktop. The value in desktops and laptops is so small; it’s the person that is the most important part of a company…”

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#NetApp Releases Storage Best Practices for #VMware #vSphere 5 #FCoE #iSCSI #NAS #SAN

February 3, 2012 Comments off

•An introduction to storage concepts in vSphere 5
•Updated storage maximums, supported options, and NetApp integration tables
•Support for the VSC with the vCSA or vCenter Server Appliance
•Host Profiles
•Storage DRS, affinity rules and maintenance mode
•SIOC or Storage I/O Controls

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