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Azure Cloud Architect Boot Camp – Redmond August 1-5 2016

July 11, 2016 Comments off

Looking forward to this……AzureArchitectBootCampThis event is the same high quality technical training that internal Microsoft architect roles attend and it is now being extended to “elite and exclusive” Microsoft partners in Western Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

The Azure Cloud Architect Boot Camp is a five-day immersive learning experience that includes general lecture sessions, case study workshops, executive panels, and hackathons – all delivered in partnership with Microsoft Engineering.

Sessions and topics such as the following will be covered: Azure storage, compute, Hybrid Net, Azure SDN, Recovery, Identity & Access Management, Service Fabric, IaaS under Azure resources, Dev Ops, App services, Machine Learning, R server, Cortana Analytics, Power BI, SQL DB, Azure Document DB, Azure Data Lake, Messaging, Event Hub, Stream Analytics, IoT, security and compliance, HPC, Azure Batch, Big Compute, Media Services, and Cloud Design Patterns.

Who should attend?

The Azure Cloud Architect Boot Camp is L300-L400 technical training exclusively oriented to those in “architect” roles at partner organizations who have advanced knowledge on Azure workloads. The training is NOT appropriate for those with only basic or intermediate knowledge of Azure.


#Azure101 Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints

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“This document specifies some of the most common Microsoft Azure limits. Note that this does not currently cover all Azure services. Over time, these limits will be expanded and updated to cover more of the platform.

Note: If you want to raise the limit above the Default Limit, you can open an online customer support request at no charge. The limits cannot be raised above the Maximum Limit value in the tables below. If there is no Maximum Limit column, then the specified resource does not have adjustable limits.”

Onboarding with the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program Partner Center SDK #MVA #DEV #API #CREST

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If you are a developer who is new to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, this course is for you! Examine how to onboard with the Partner Center Software Development Kit (SDK) for the CSP program. Walk through the steps you need to take as a developer, from getting your CSP account to downloading sample code and connecting to Microsoft servers.

Get an overview of the Partner Center SDK, and see how to create a Sandbox in the Partner Center. Take a look at how to add the App ID to the Sandbox, add the Sandbox Directory to a Microsoft Azure subscription, and add permissions to the App ID. From there, explore how to download the SDK and samples, add credentials and compile the console samples, and finally, how to build a sample web app.
Onboarding with the CSP Partner Center SDK
Learn to onboard with the Partner Center SDK for the Cloud Solution Provider, or CSP, program, from setting up your account to building a sample web app.
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Examine how to onboard with the Partner Center SDK for the CSP program.
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Onboarding with the CSP Partner Center SDKOnboarding with the CSP Partner Center SDK #2

#Azure101: Fundamentals of #Azure – Microsoft ebook

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Download here:

Fundamentals of Azure ebook

Microsoft #Azure Service Updates – One place All updates. #AzureServiceUpdates

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View here:

#Azure Partner Readiness Catalog #APRC

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Access here:

Welcome to the Azure Partner Readiness Catalog!

This catalog is for technical individuals within Azure Partners to find and consume a variety of technical readiness materials to help them build out profitable Azure practices.

Onboarding to #CREST APIs for new #CSP Partners #O365 #Azure

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Onboarding to #CREST APIs for new #CSP Partners #O365 #Azure

YouTubeNew CSP partner? Need to connect with the CREST APIs? This 18 minute tutorial walks through all the details end to end. Starting with a newly…

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