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#Vision #DoubleTake Partner Conference 2014 @VSI_DoubleTake

May 1, 2014 Comments off


A three day networking, idea sharing and channel increasing conference

Exclusive, this event is designed to offer partners the opportunity to tap greater revenue streams via stronger pipelines by taking advantage of Vision Solutions’ award winning products. Several keynote speakers, including industry leaders and Vision Solutions’ top executives will share essential industry insights. What to expect:

•Top partners from thriving industries share the latest technology trends
•New ways to Migrate, Protect & Recover… Anywhere
•See the role the Cloud plays in taking businesses to the next level
•Accelerate your pipeline and tap greater revenue streams with our channel
•Leave with a full understanding of the true value of Migration

Join us in Barcelona, May 7-9, 2014 for two days in-depth, face-to-face sales enablement training, networking opportunities, solution direction updates and case studies. Transportation and guestroom charges not included.

Product Software Development is a Marathon #AllAboutAgile

April 7, 2013 Comments off

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…Most people like short things: short tasks, short emails, learn-how-to-program-java-in-24-hours books, lose-weight-in-a-month video guides. Modern society is cursed by impatience and time pressure. Information flows hit us from all sides and we just can’t resist. We spend more and more time on shorter and shorter things.

Software development demands focus. You can’t create anything significant hopping from one thing to another. That is obvious. Less obvious is that product development demands patience.

patience is a virtue

Service development is different. In most cases you have a project with a visible end. It may be a year long, or even several years long. But still project will be completed someday… Or abandoned. Most service products are sprints. Clients pay you money and they want to have something as soon as possible. They radiate the impatience. They set deadlines. They resist to invest much into good engineering practices like automated tests. Yes, you negotiate all that and sometime with a success, but still it’s quite hard to sell a great development process to the customer. So you rush, cut corners, drop some good practices to save time and argue about change requests. Agile approach helps to solve some of these problems, but you still feel the constant…

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